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The Story Of Creation. (My first ring)

The story of Creation. (My first design)


In my late teens, my Father called a, "Board Meeting,"  around our kitchen table at home, with my Mother, sister and I. He wanted to instigate high court action against a large corporation (who had taken over our family run electronics buisness) for misrepresentation.


If we lost the court case it would be the workhouse for us all, but if we won, dad promised us a car each.  We decided to go ahead, sue or be damned. The odds against us winning were 5 to 1.

 I decided I didn’t want a car. I wanted a diamond. My reasoning to Dad was that a diamond would last longer and wouldn't depreciate. My real reason was that it would be very pretty and would make all my friends with their costume jewellery jealous. Never let it be said I was a big-head or a show-off. Rather, even in those far off days I had a business head on me (coupled with a love of bling!) The fact I had failed my driving test four times and was waiting to take the fifth, (I passed) had nothing to do with it.

The court case took five weeks with the Judge taking a week off in the middle to do a lecture tour in South Africa, or somewhere. In the final days My mother and I went and sat at the back of the court to listen to the Judge's summing-up.  Dad, sitting at the front   with his solicitors and barristers decided that things were going our way, and beckoned to a court usher. Dad scribbled something on a torn piece of paper and, turning round  pointing to me, gave the usher a note. Dad and I kept that usher quite busy for the next few minutes as the following notes on a piece of torn off envelope went back and forth..

 The note said from Dad said, “You will get your diamond”

 I replied, greedy as ever, “How many carats?”


 “ No! One!”


 “Sign this”

 And bless him, he did. “Always get it on paper,” had been one of his many lessons to me. I still  have that torn off envelope.

 My Mother and sister also decided that diamond Jewellery was the way to go, and I came to design my first three rings, which were made by a firm of Northampton family jewellers who were friends of mine. The jewellery bug had bitten me badly.

Nearly 40 years, and many pieces of jewellery later my sister and I still wear our rings daily, and my mother wore hers till the day she died. The diamonds from her ring are now in my own version of  “Sell your Soul” and together with Creation, as my first, and very battered ring is now christened, I wear both every day.

 I continued with Jewellery design as a hobby throughout my careers in both the Electronics industry and my Interior Design businesses, strange bed fellows, I know, but that, as they say, is another story.

 For some 20 years a very good friend and mentor of mine has been Sally Milne of Nightingale Jewellers in Olney.  She is an incredibly talented designer and jeweller, and there is a mini biog of her achievements in, "About Us" section on my website,

Together, Sally and I collaborated to bring StrawberryWood’s first collection, “Shameless”, to the market. Sally has also created the Poesy collection of engagement rings and the Life collection, and from these beginings StrawberryWood has gone from strength to strength.



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