Vine Vine

Can you customise a piece of jewellery?

Yes, we can. Read on to find out more.....


We can, in some circumstances, alter, add to, or remove parts of your existing jewellery or we can re- design totally.

From initial discussions between us, a design for your jewel will be created. 

It may be that you have your own absloute design. Or, as some of our clients do, bring in selections of pictures and indicate elements they would like us to interpret, (however we cannot, under any circumstances, copy the design of another manufacturer)  We can also use the stones from any existing jewellery our clients already have.

You may want to choose one of our designs, or take elements from our designs, and have a design made to suit you. This will be drawn up and approved by you and the choice of stones and metals such as white/yellow gold, platinum or palladium will have been decided.

Once the design is perfect, a wax will be made and from this, the metal chosen by you will be cast. This cast is then polished and set with your choice of stones.

Et voila, your perfect and unique jewel!

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